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Who's Taking Care of YOU, beautiful?
Self-Care Is Not Selfish.
It Is Not A Luxury.
It Is Not Negotiable.
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by life?
As women we take care of it all: kids, house, bills, after-school activities, work demands…
Oh, and what’s for dinner?
Everyone else's needs are a priority, yet we often put ourselves last on the list.
The only problem is, when we aren't taking care of self, we aren't making our very BEST self available to our loved ones.
Our intentions are good, however we are in fact shortchanging the very same people we claim to love, including OURSELVES.

Did you know that when you make yourself a priority and immerse yourself in self-care, you are: 
  • Better able to take care of your loved ones,
  • More capable of focusing on your career and/or your entrepreneurial journey,
  • Transformed into a more fulfilled and happier woman,
  • In a better position to define your life's passions, purpose and possibilities,
  • Empowered to believe that you CAN be, do and have it all AND be a great Mom! 
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About The Creator
Jacqueline Miller
The "Get Your Life" Strategist

Jacqueline Miller is an Influencer, a Life Strategist and Speaker, an Empowered Mom Enthusiast, a Self-Care Advocate and  Career Consultant.

She is the author of bestselling eBooks, It's Not Me, It's My Inner Me: 10 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Empowered,Get Your Life Back! Your Guide to Guilt-Free Happiness Outside of Motherhood and co-author of the international bestselling book, Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman's Soul: Timeless Treasures to Warm the Heart and soon to be released, The UNSTOPPABLE Woman of Purpose. She is known in social media as M.O.G.U.L. MOM DUJOUR
(M.O.G.U.L. is an acronym for Magnificence Obtained Genuinely by Unapologetic Living) and her registered trademarked  tagline is “Motherhood is not where dreams go to die” ® 

She has been published by numerous media outlets including the Huffington Post, Gannett, Tiny Buddha, Black Enterprise, We Are Beautiful Magazine, CEO Blog Nation,, Good Enough Mother and Rollingout magazine.

She has been featured on the New England NBC-affiliated lifestyle TV show, Mass Appeal and has hosted a weekly podcast for aspiring female entrepreneurs, called Mondays with M.O.G.U.L. MOM DUJOUR. She is a 2016 Business Influencer for the Boss Network and has been chosen to be one their Top 50 Business Stars of 2016.
  • WOW! It's my Day 25 of my journey back to me "25 Days of Self-Love." I've come this far and I've gained so much value by doing this self-love challenge it's been such a blessing to my innermost heart.
    Joy Baldoz
  • So I'm doing the 25 Days of Self Love and I just read Day 4. The self-affirmation really spoke to me, because I really need to work on letting go of the past so I can focus on the present, and look forward to the future!
    Shenise Edmonds
  • Day 25 got here fast. Thank you Jacqueline Miller for this journey back to me. I have neglected myself in the name of mom. I am going to do better in loving, caring, and pampering myself. I am and worth it but more importantly I need it so that I can be the best me. Thank you fellow moms for your encouragement on this journey it helped a lot. May we all have great success in every endeavor that comes our way!
    Venus Hughes
  • 25 Days of reminding myself that I am worthy of love and care. Excellent exercise. Thank you! 
    Savannah Sumpter
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